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How to have a compatible relationship

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First and foremost, relationship compatibility exists when a couple interacts with equality and respect. It’s critical for couples to have a good time together and enjoy the time they have together. When two people share companionship and activities, relationships flourish. A couple does not, however, have to share all of their interests. People frequently make the mistake of believing that there is only one person or “soul match” for them out there, and that this person will complete them in every aspect. The difficulty is that they might use this concept to rule out potential partners who don’t fit the ideal of the person they want to be with.

People are just unhappy when they are in a relationship with someone with whom they are incompatible. We don’t always choose partners for the correct reasons, unfortunately. We may be drawn to someone for unconscious reasons based on early adaptations. Our early psychological defenses were adaptive to the interpersonal milieu in which we grew up, but they may limit us in adult interactions.

We choose partners that treat us the way we were treated in our families, so our adaptations are natural. We are often looking for persons who are not suitable for us on an unconscious level. If you’re quiet and have a noisy companion, for example, you may never challenge yourself to speak up.

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