how to have a figure eight body shape

They both have definite waists, and their hips and shoulders are fairly proportionate (however an 8 shape can have narrower shoulders, more akin to the A shape, but their hips are shaped differently than a standard A/pear form). The 8 shape carries her weight on the bottom at the high hip, just below the waist, rather than the low hip/thigh area, as the X shape does. Avoid boxy or straight coats, and make sure her tops have waist shaping. Longer, straighter jackets may be too snug around her hips but too loose around the waist, so she prefers a peplum. Our bodies come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You may be an hourglass shape with enormous busts and tiny legs, or a cone body form with large busts and thin legs. You could have an ectomorph body type and be incredibly thin, or you could have an endomorph body type and gain weight quickly. But, regardless of your body type or form, we offer a comprehensive diet and fitness plan that will keep you in shape. So, figure out what your structure looks like and go to work on it.

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