How to keep your man attracted to you

You are most definitely not the only woman who finds it difficult to know how to keep a guy interested in her. This occurs extremely commonly when people are first starting to date, but it also occurs regularly in committed relationships. But the answer is really fairly straightforward. Men are affected by simple, sincere physical and emotional gestures, just like women are. Of course, every person has a distinct idea of what they want in a relationship. But some things are universal and are more likely to make your loved one happy. Be courteous of him at all times, and refrain from treating him like a mere thing. Furthermore, it’s important to refrain from making assumptions about him and his character. Always make an effort to communicate honestly with him and help him feel heard and valued. Relationships in the dating world have been shown to benefit from high levels of self-esteem and confidence. While some self-doubt is totally normal and something that most people struggle with, it does not mean that you should constantly doubt or second-guess your decisions. You ought to be able to have faith in both your relationship and your ability. Consider the circumstances that led to your initial attraction to one another. As many relationships seem to get monotonous only when couples stop putting in the same effort they did at the beginning of the relationship, they probably will work again. Even if you don’t fully believe it, talk to yourself positively and put time and effort into improving yourself. Make time for yourself and engage in activities you enjoy.

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