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How to know he is the right guy for you

For the rest of us, contemporary dating is dangerous. It’s simple to get confused because there are so many rules and games to play. When someone you really liked “left you on read,” your thoughts could start to race because you’re obsessively analyzing what their final few messages imply. Finding someone doesn’t always put an end to your problems. I refer to this as the “bar test” to determine whether you are with the correct person, and it may seem straightforward. Are you scanning the area when you’re out with your new partner to check if anyone else is nearby or might spot you two together? Or, are you completely happy with your relationship and want everyone to see you two together? He or she passes the test if the latter is true. But if the latter is the case, you might want to consider whether staying in a relationship with this individual is your wisest course of action. A person won’t feel the need to hold you back if they can truly be pleased about your success and life ambitions. In most problematic relationships, one spouse sabotages the other in some way. You may be pleased for them and with them if you date someone who is content with their life. You can tell if the person you’re dating is the correct one for you by listening to your heart. Your heart’s communication to you is known as “intuition” in this context. Almost everyone may reflect on a time when they chose not to listen to it. You know you’re on the correct path when you feel happy, when you believe your spouse is sincere and patient with you, when they treat you equally in public and at home.

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