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How to know his true feelings for you

Putting time and effort into a relationship with someone who isn’t as committed as you is one of the hardest aspects of dating. Unfortunately, it’s not always simple to tell whether someone else feels the same way about you. But according to experts, there are a few crucial signs you should look out for to determine whether your partner is being truthful about their feelings. Someone who is deeply attracted to you will often act with a level of selflessness that you won’t always see in a partner who is only interested in you for superficial reasons. For instance, they’ll be kind to you without expecting anything in return because they know it will make you happy. A person who truly cares about you will want to know what’s going on in your life. They’ll make it a point to check in with you just to see how you’re doing if you don’t communicate with them throughout the day. They’re also available for you if you need to vent, and if you ask, they’ll be happy to offer advice. They’ll also figure out how to develop a casual conversation from simple small talk. Your opinions, feelings, and thoughts matter to someone who genuinely cares about you. Most importantly, you’ll be able to tell by their behavior and body language. For instance, they’ll make an effort to make eye contact whenever possible when speaking to you directly. They will remove any distractions and maintain their attention on you. They will show you that they are listening by asking thoughtful follow-up questions or making comments about what you have just said. They might seem to be hanging on to every word you say. Simply put, they have a way of making you feel as though everything you say matters.

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