How to know if she is in love

If she prioritizes you, chooses you first, views you as the prize, shows care for you, and respects you, you can be sure she loves you. The chemistry will be palpable. It’ll feel like she’s being drawn to you by energy. The connection will be magnetic and organic. Being adored by a woman is an experience unlike any other. Getting out of bed next to someone who wants every inch of their body to touch yours. Going out to dinner with someone who would prefer listen to you than look at their phone. Being with someone who is so smitten with you that they disregard every other guy on the radar in order to compete for your attention…
These are not insignificant matters.
You should look for this in the women you date and develop connections with as a male. When a woman who loves you fears that you may choose to devote resources (time, attention, emotion, money, etc.) to another woman over her, she will become enraged. This is a strong indication that she likes you. A woman who does not adore you would not want to spend so much time with you. Many women are more concerned with themselves than with others. This is very understandable. If we are to live, we must put ourselves first. When a woman loves you, though, she also believes that being with you is better for her survival than being alone. And this could indicate that she is more interested in listening to you than in telling you about herself. It’s a fantastic sign that she’s showing genuine burning desire for you if she seems genuinely interested in hearing what you have to say and takes your comments seriously.

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