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How to know your boyfriend is not husband material

You’ve reached a stage in your life where you’re likely prepared to get married and start a family. Perhaps you feel your age or have served as a bridesmaid too frequently but never as a bride. Perhaps you’re sick of waiting around while all of your closest friends and coworkers get married. There is only one issue: even though you may be in the right frame of mind, you may not be certain that your partner is the right one. This is a fairly significant issue to have! Since a marriage requires two people to succeed, this is the person you will be marrying. Therefore, before moving forward, you may want to evaluate your relationship and take into account some crucial factors regarding whether or not he is actually a good candidate for marriage. Regardless of your gender, playing video games is a fun hobby, but it shouldn’t become an obsession (unless this obsession is putting food on the table, of course). Let’s face it, playing video games is not productive unless it is a shared interest between you and your partner. Maybe he’ll decide to arrange a lavish vacation or date for the two of you this weekend. The plans he’s already made with his brothers sound much more exciting than anything he’s ever done with you, so reconsider; he’s already made them. No, it’s not you. When they have something important to say, all women and even some men want to feel heard. Have an open discussion about how you’re feeling if he’s simply not a good listener (which would describe most men). Genuinely caring people will make an effort to meet you halfway.

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