How to lay your hair without gel

When used to control cowlicks, bedhead, or other unruly hair, gel and hairspray work swiftly but can dry stiff. Additionally, they may cause your hair to feel and appear uncomfortably oily and sticky. With the proper accessories, heated style appliances like hairdryers and straighteners, water, or just more natural-looking styling products, hair may be made to stay down. Furthermore, the appropriate hairstyle may help keep the hair down. These days, more men than ever utilize hair accessories, which are fantastic instruments for maintaining long hair while also improving your appearance. Since most people would assume your accessories are just a part of your appearance, using them is also a fairly covert approach to get your hair to lay flat. Popular male accessories that will hold your hair in place are headbands and bandanas. Because bobby pins may conceal themselves, some guys with fine hair are also using them to fasten vast chunks of hair.
These options are accessible if you’re seeking for a method to do it while simultaneously making a statement, albeit they might not be for everyone. Hats are a possibility, although this can come off as a get-out. Yes, a hat is a terrific technique to keep your hair down, but it will also completely conceal your hair in any event. Having said that, wearing a hat when it is appropriate will smooth out your hair for removing it. This method of flattening hair won’t necessarily look good, but it will work.

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