How to look 10 years younger with home remedy

Our goal is to age gently, much like a fine wine. So we asked doctors, nutritionists, and makeup artists for advice on how to get younger-looking skin, abundant hair, healthy eating, and more so you may look and feel your best for years. As you get older, your hormone levels diminish, and your skin becomes drier. If you’re tempted to reach for a cream foundation, resist: “Thicker, creamier formulas are usually meant to provide broader coverage, which means they’re packed with more pigment,” says Portland-based makeup artist Jessie Powers. “Powder is just pigment,” says the narrator. Collagen creams are sometimes referred to as the “fountain of youth.” If that sounds appealing, look into the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream, which has been proved to decrease wrinkles in clinical studies. It’s a little costly, but after 15 days, your skin should be tighter and toned. “As soon as you get to the age where you really need concealer, it might let you down by settling into lines,” says Sandy Linter, a Manhattan-based makeup artist. To cover up any blackness and prevent attracting attention to your wrinkles, apply concealer just to the inner halves of your under-eyes. If your lids are greasy, your eyeshadow may run, but that doesn’t mean you should keep applying it. Instead, use a small coat of clear primer to keep everything in place. Then, using a liquid eyeliner and attractive shadows like sage or jewel tones, create that precise line (without pulling and tugging on your skin). It is said that you should age like a fine wine. However, only a few people are capable of doing so. Everyone wants youthful skin, but many of us do not take good care of our skin to achieve it. The majority of the time, we have no concept how our skin looks, what problems it has, or what kind of skin it has. As a result, the first step toward younger-looking skin is to learn more about your skin and its needs.

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