How to make him love you forever

One thing to fall in love with someone, but quite another to keep them in love with you. Even while relationships are amazing and entertaining, they need maintenance and care to keep the fire burning. If a man is truly yours, you probably want to keep him feeling the same way. Before he leaves for work, write him a love letter and place it in his messenger bag, backpack or lunch. Even if there is no specific occasion, give him flowers or a good gift of chocolates. Go big and give him a surprise gift of tickets to see his favourite band at a concert. These gifts show him how much you value and adore him. Both are crucial to a man’s mental health. Even if you’ve never raced a marathon before, you can try learning new skills together by enrolling in a culinary class or beginning your preparations. It will improve your quality of life as a roommate. For your upcoming date night, pick a new restaurant. Take a day journey to a new location with your partner. Instead of reliving the past, create new memories. Your relationship will feel fresh and thrilling once more. Before even running a quick errand, kiss him on the cheek, grip his hand, and give him a hug farewell. Cuddle on the couch if you want to feel near yet are extremely weary.

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