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How to make him want you all the time

My friend inquired, “How do you entice a man to chase you?” The evening conversation wandered to this topic while we were on a relaxing female gang vacation. If a woman had her way, she could have a man pursue her about for the rest of her life, but most of the time, she isn’t very good at understanding a man’s mind. As a result, one is left wondering what motivates a man to pursue a woman.
As a result, vacations like these are excellent places to learn strategies and tips for mastering the chasing game. Women want males to pursue them on the phone, in texts, and in chats.

They would most of the time pretend to ignore males they were interested to, playing hard to get in the hopes that they would do the chasing.

This is because they genuinely enjoy the chasing game, and if a woman can make a man chase her forever, she has achieved the pinnacle of fulfillment. It truly provides them an indication of how serious the guy is for her and how he isn’t willing to give up lightly at any point. This is what all the women out there who are trying to figure out how to get a guy to like her should be reading.

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