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How to make your home smell good al the time

Every house smells. However, some houses have a nicer (or, let’s face it, a worse) odor than others. And don’t worry if you’re concerned that your house might not be in the better group. There are countless approaches to solving strange odors in homes. Do not feel embarrassed. It’s not your fault if your home stinks. Your house is, after all, (perhaps) much older than you are. It has witnessed numerous occupants, served numerous meals, and endured numerous toilet flushes. Wood absorbs scents because it is porous. Think about your favorite dive bar—remember the overwhelming, beer-soaked aroma that hits you like a ton of drunken bricks the moment you walk in? Beer spills from decades ago on wood. A sponge-like material is carpet. Even the walls of your home are secretly absorbing scents. Not to mention the bizarre plumbing accessories. Who even knows what is happening inside? We’ve gathered 26 suggestions, broken down by room, to keep odors under control. The majority of our fragrance remedies make use of common household items that you presumably already have in your pantry, as well as additional inexpensive and simple-to-find ingredients and shout-outs to some of our favorite pre-made air refreshing products. Kitchen odors might change. They literally smell like whatever is cooking (or brewing, spilled, sitting in the sink, decomposing in the garbage, etc.) or whatever is brewing. However, there are many small changes and modifications you can do in your kitchen to mask and improve the overall odor. Look around your dishwasher if your kitchen is emitting a bad odor. The need to occasionally clean your dishwasher may seem odd. For step-by-step instructions on how to get rid of dishwasher odors, refer to the cleaning instructions in your dishwasher’s handbook or this page.

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