How to melt his heart easy…say this to him

It’s not a beauty contest. It’s all about the ATTITUDE and STYLE you adopt for yourself. It’s kind of intriguing how certain ladies naturally “come off cute,” while others find it tough to “be cute.” Okay. For you, I have some news. I’ll show you how to be cute; it’s actually very simple. It’s actually very pleasant and natural; nothing strange or uncomfortable about it. A guy will find it much easier to approach and strike up a conversation with you if you’re smiling rather than frowning or not smiling at all. When you’re out in public, try to smile a lot to come across as more personable. Standing tall and erect conveys confidence and puts you out there, unlike the sweet, reserved female he should be after. When you’re near him, try adjusting your weight slightly. Don’t even talk loudly when you speak to him; instead, speak softly. Try talking to him quietly and softly. When you’re done, give him a smile. When you’re chatting to him and attempting to think of an answer to a question or make a decision, try brushing your fingers through your hair and tucking it behind your ear. An uncomfortable female is usually the one who can pull off cuteness and win a guy over. If you feel uncomfortable, embrace it and use it to your advantage to look even more adorable.

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