How to perfectly paint your nails

Now that there are so many incredible hues to choose from, beautifully painted nails can express your mood, complement your outfit, and reflect your personality. You can choose from classic red, cheerful yellow, imaginative green, mysterious purple, and gleaming blue, among many others. It’s easy to forget that painting your own nails (without making a mess) can be difficult amidst all this excitement. Read on to discover the best way to achieve professionally polished nails at home, and you may never need another manicure. Choose a nail polish that is not too old; older nail polishes become thick and gloopy, making them more difficult to apply. If you are unsure of the age of the nail polish you are examining, invert the bottle and if the polish appears thick and gloopy, it is old. If the nail polish appears slimy when you open the bottle and lift the brush, it is also likely to be outdated (slimy, goopy). Add nail polish thinner to an old, thickened nail polish if you want to salvage it. Keep nail polish out of direct sunlight. Opt for a clean, stable surface in a well-lit room when deciding where to paint your nails. You can use a study desk or the kitchen table, but be sure to place a paper towel underneath your hand to avoid polishing the surface. The room must also be adequately ventilated, as the fumes from nail polish and nail polish remover are harmful to your health. Collect cotton balls, tissue rounds, Q-tips, nail polish remover, nail clippers, a nail file, a cuticle stick, and a bottle of clear nail polish. Having these items readily available will expedite the nail-painting process and reduce the likelihood of smudging a nail.

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