How to prepare and use rice milk for hair growth

Rice is mostly used to make rice milk, a type of grain milk. Rice can be cooked and blended with water to create rice milk, which has a consistency similar to milk. Because of its inherent antioxidants, rice milk is known to have a variety of health advantages. It is also thought to speed up metabolism. It’s a terrific substitute for cow’s milk that is dairy-free. However, using rice milk for hair treatment has a long history. In Asia, rice milk has been used for almost 2000 years as a component of hair care routines—used to cleanse and nourish hair. In the year 400 A.D., women in the Japanese Imperial Court were renowned for having exquisite hair. What component did they use, by the way? risotto milk When used as a hair conditioner, rice milk adds smoothness, gloss, and repairs dry, brittle, or damaged hair. This all-natural conditioner boosts your hair follicles and encourages hair development by supplying the vital nutrients for a healthy scalp. Rice Milk – adds softness, gloss, and strength to weak hair while moisturizing dry, damaged hair. Additionally, it aids in curing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Your hair can be repaired naturally with the use of fermented rice milk, which also helps to maintain healthy hair. By giving the hair follicles ample nutrition, it strengthens them. Take 2 tbsp. of rice ( I used basmati rice cause it adds a fragrance to the water, you can use any rice of your choice) To clean the rice, properly wash it under running water.

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