How to prepare deep conditioner at home for long shining hair

Everybody wants those sleek, untangled locks that are all over our Instagram feeds. Imagine having a mane full of silky hair that is always prepared for any type of hairstyle! A braid in fishtails? Why not? How about a top knot? Sure, please. Everything you want is prepared for consumption. For those of us girls with curly and frizzy hair, though, this is quite a cry. Ultimately, those bothersome threads do limit our imagination. We can only go out once our hair has been tamed, which is when the straighteners and blow dryers come in handy. Our ideal hair appears thanks to these hot methods, but it only lasts a little while. Furthermore, they cause a great deal of collateral heat damage. We are speaking. Honey does the nourishing trick like no other; it’s not only delicious to taste but also beneficial for hair. Additionally, it forms a potent combination with olive oil to nourish and smooth hair. Not to mention that it lessens shoulder flakes caused by dandruff. But females, wash it off soon because honey has a sticky stickiness. If not, dust particles and maybe flies may be drawn to the sticky honey residue. Who is not fond of eggs? Everyone does it. These yolky kids have brought their sweetness and protein punches everywhere, from omelettes to hair masks. They have so many vital proteins for optimal health and shine that they also work well as deep conditioners.

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