How to prepare deep conditioner at home

Winters to me are synonymous with HARD weather and EXTREMELY DRY HAIR. I attempt to deep condition my hair on a regular basis to maintain it happy, healthy, and moisturised. My favourite store-bought products are a few, but lately I’ve been enjoying DIYs, so I’m considering trying an at-home deep conditioner routine. The best part of ALL of these recipes is that you can make them with regular household ingredients, which is a terrific thing. It need not be expensive or time-consuming to maintain healthy hair. With only a little time and money investment, you can attain healthy hair using one of these three deep conditioner recipes. A fantastic deep conditioner is olive oil and honey. Olive oil is one of the greatest oils for hair for us 4c hair chicks, and the honey is fantastic for adding hydration. It’s a fantastic oil choice for deep conditioning because it enters the hair shaft. Even though each component of this recipe is incredibly moisturising on its own, when combined, your hair is in for a genuine moisture feast. Mayonnaise works particularly well to provide softness and a healthy gloss to hair. One of my favourite oils is coconut oil, which I use for cooking, my skin, my nails, and my hair. Your hair will look healthy, lustrous, and incredibly soft after using coconut oil.

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