How to prepare homemade cream to remove dark spots

Your face may develop dark spots for a number of reasons, including sun exposure, pregnancy, oral contraceptives, acne, etc. Dark spots on the face, chest, hands, or other parts of the body don’t affect everyone, but for those who do, they can be extremely annoying to deal with because they don’t go away on their own and sometimes can’t be covered by standard concealer. Why do some people have these blemishes, and what are they? The two most common causes of dark spots on the skin are hyperpigmentation and scarring. Scarring is technically post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Scars fall into one of two categories: raised or depressed scars, which are caused by changes in skin texture, or dark marks that are actually post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, which appear as dark or pink marks. Some people are more prone to hyperpigmentation because they have more pigment. Additionally, those who have darker skin are more vulnerable to scarring and hyperpigmentation. Rice flour and potato juice face pack: Remove the juice from one potato’s shreds, then stir in one tablespoon of rice flour. To ensure that the two are thoroughly combined, combine them and set the mixture aside for 10 minutes. Apply to the face and neck area after incorporating rose water to create a smooth, semi-liquid consistency. After letting it dry, rinse it off with regular water. Within a month, you will be able to observe a difference in your black spots if you continue to do this DIY at least twice a week. Fresh Potato Juice and Olive Oil: Squeeze fresh potato juice and mix in a little olive oil. Apply the mixture all over your face, then leave it alone for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Rinse with water after the mixture has completely dried. This will function as an anti-aging face pack in addition to assisting you in getting rid of obstinate dark spots.

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