How to prepare onion oil for thinning hair

The majority of people use onions fairly liberally in Indian cuisine to flavor their food. In addition to their delicious flavor, onions have a ton of health advantages. Its antibacterial qualities aid in the treatment of infections, and the presence of fiber controls digestion. Additionally, onions have antioxidants that help the body fend off damage brought on by free radicals. Onions are fantastic for healthy hair because of these very same qualities. Although it may seem strange, it is true! The benefits of onions for beautiful hair are only now being realized. In fact, those who experience hair loss and thinning of the hair are said to benefit from it the most. Without a doubt, onions are good for your hair, but it’s best to use them as an oil to prevent irritation of your scalp. To a blender, add the chopped onions. Add curry leaves next. Without adding any water, blend the ingredients until a paste is formed. To avoid irritating your scalp, try not to use too much onion. To a kadhai, add this paste. Then, combine coconut oil with the mixture in the same kadhai and heat it over a low flame. Increase the flame and allow this mixture reach a boil after about 5 to 10 minutes. Reducing the heat once more, simmer it for a further 15 minutes. You’ll notice that the oil has turned a little bit darker by the time the process is finished. For the entire night, set this mixture aside. This will guarantee that all the components are combined. Use a strainer to filter this mixture in the morning. It’s important to keep in mind that this combination is a little thick, so it will take some time to pass through the sieve. You must therefore exercise patience.

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