How to protect your hair from color damage

The overall coloring industry has been significantly impacted by the recent boom in haircare social media. Influencers are constantly posting hair dye names and suggested techniques for colorists on social media sites like Instagram and TikTok. However, there are no assurances when it comes to hair coloring. It’s a very delicate process that needs to take a number of things into consideration. If a stylist doesn’t prepare their client’s hair properly, it could result in severe short- and/or long-term hair damage in addition to giving the client a less-than-desirable color. You must make all the necessary preparations for their hair before beginning the coloring process because nobody wants to let their clients down. Not every hair product is made equally. It is your responsibility as a stylist to inform customers about the best ways to care for their hair. By remaining knowledgeable about the most recent shampoos and conditioners that can cater to the individual hair needs of your clients, you can establish yourself as a resource. You should always suggest a strengthening shampoo and conditioner to clients who frequently have their hair colored. These products, also known as fortifying shampoos, include extra protein and vitamins to hydrate hair and stop breakage. Remind your clients that using strengthening products or even leave-in conditioners are crucial components of maintaining healthy hair if they have concerns or complaints about the texture of color-treated hair. Patience is necessary on both sides of the salon chair when coloring. These sessions can take a lot of time, so it’s crucial that you maintain professionalism by being patient. However, your clients might not want to maintain that same composure. If it takes more than one session to achieve the desired results, be prepared for them to become impatient. After all, nobody wants to spend all day in a chair at a salon! Informing your clients that the process is moving slowly to prevent damage and maintain their comfort is one way to promote patience. You’d be shocked at how many people are ignorant!

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