How to reply if he is sending you these 5 texts

Whether he messaged you with a sweet message or a flirtatious complement, we have romantic responses that will make him smile. We’ll start with the lovely texts you can send to any guy you like and end with texts that are particularly appropriate for a longer-term friend. This is a really kind way to respond to a compliment or wholesome flirtatious text. Try being a little more straightforward with him, whether he’s your boyfriend or just your crush, to let him know you care. React to his nice text and let him know you appreciate his thoughtful, romantic side. If you don’t consider yourself to be a very romantic person or aren’t a big gushy person, this is a fun method you may do. Tell him how much you love the message he sent by gushing a little bit. He undoubtedly spent a lot of time pondering the appropriate response. If you two haven’t started dating yet or are in the beginning phases of your relationship, he may have even been a little hesitant to send something romantic or nice. Tell him you appreciate the message and commend him for his thoughtfulness. It’s a terrific substitute for the traditional “goodnight” SMS and shows him that you appreciate his viewpoint. To foster a deeper emotional and intellectual connection, reply to a nice text like this.

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