How to safely dry your hair using hair dryer

Avoid using a blow dryer on hair that is completely wet if you must. When exposed to sudden heat from a blow dryer, hair that is dripping wet is more likely to frizz. If you’re pressed for time, gently towel-dry hair before using it to hasten the process. To avoid ripping out strands or harming the shafts, don’t rub your hair while towel drying it. If you have the time, try waiting at least fifteen minutes after toweling your hair before blow drying it. By doing this, you will give your hair some time to dry naturally before using heat. As there are many products available, ask a qualified stylist which one will work best for your hair. With a deep conditioning treatment, stylists can also assist in protecting your hair. When using your flat iron and hairdryer, stay away from the high heat setting. Setting your dryer to high seems like a no-brainer lifesaver when you’re short on time. However, this might make your hair frizzy and dull. The harm will increase if you always use this remedy on mornings when you’re pressed for time. Use the lowest setting to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy. Your hair can easily become “over-dried,” which can result in permanent harm. When using a hairdryer, it is crucial to know how to dry your hair properly. Section off your hair and clip each section away until you’re ready to dry that particular area. Take smaller sections of hair from the section to dry, starting at the neckline. To prevent over-drying one area, move the hairdryer in sweeping motions. By taking the time to section your hair, you can finish with a more polished appearance and reduce drying time.

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