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How to treat Dry and Cracked Heels at Home

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Amharic illustration on How to Treat Dry and Cracked Heels at Home. Who does not wish to have smooth and soft heels? Interestingly, you only need a handful of ingredients from your kitchen to have perfectly smooth heels. You can make this wonderful concoction to soak your feet in it and see the results for yourself. For effective results repeat the process daily.

Mix all the ingredients well and store in an airtight jar. Use a loofah and scrub daily on our feet. Not only will it help dislodge dirt and grime but also soften dead skin and start to make the skin smoother and crack free.

A daily 5-minute routine that you can do is to take lemon halves and 3 tsp of sugar. Dip the lemon halves into the sugar and scrub on the heels daily until all the granules have melted into the skin. Let it dry and wash off with water and pat dry.

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