How to use onion for thinning hair

Onion juice is a well-known treatment for healthy hair, and in particular for hair loss. It has been used as a home remedy for many years. In some cases, onion juice may be helpful for treating hair loss. It might also bring back shine and luster. Additionally, onion juice can be used to treat dandruff and delay premature hair aging. According to science, there are numerous ways onion juice can stop hair loss. One benefit of onions is that they are rich in dietary sulfur, a nutrient that our bodies require. Amino acids, which are parts of proteins, contain sulfur. Strong hair needs proteins, particularly keratin, which is known to be sulfur-rich. Onion juice can add extra sulfur to the hair and scalp to support strong, thick hair, preventing hair loss and encouraging hair growth. Onion sulfur may also encourage the production of collagen. In turn, collagen promotes the growth of healthy skin cells and hair. Onions may also improve circulation, according to some theories. The blood supply to hair follicles may be increased by applying onion juice to the hair and scalp, which would enhance hair growth. Onion juice’s ability to stop hair loss has been studied, but not its other health advantages. The science behind onion juice’s ability to prevent hair loss was tested in a 2002 study. When compared to the group that used tap water to wash their hair, the onion juice group saw more hair growth. Additionally, men seemed to gain more than women. The study was conducted more than ten years ago, and not all participants finished the exam. To determine how onion juice functions and whether it has any real advantages, more study is required. Nevertheless, the study is cited as solid support for the efficacy of onion juice in numerous more recent studies and reviews of all-natural hair loss treatments.

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