How to use red onion for hair growth

You may use a variety of products on your hair in the hopes of making it healthy, bouncy, and shining. But what if we told you that one of the most basic kitchen ingredients holds the key to all your hair woes? Are you curious as to what we’re talking about? It’s red onion, a basic ingredient that may leave your hair healthy, dandruff-free, and long and beautiful.
“The sulphur-rich red onion is high in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. As a result, it’s been utilized to strengthen hair and provide all of the nutrients it need for proper growth. It is now a part of the beauty sector as well, thanks to its promising outcomes,” said Nitin Passi, managing director of Lotus Herbals. The chemical helps to keep the scalp’s pH balanced and improves blood circulation, which promotes hair development.
Hair becomes weak as a result of pollution and other external stressors, leading in hair loss. As a result, red onion oil is advised since it is high in antioxidants that produce enzymes that prevent hair loss.
Because it contains amino acids, red onion is a wonder ingredient for treating dry and damaged hair. The juice’s sweetness works wonders in removing impurities from the pores while also healing damaged hair and restoring its luster. One of the greatest natural components for treating dandruff and scalp irritation is red onion juice.

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