How to use rosemary for hair growth and thickness

Rosemary oil might not immediately spring to mind when thinking of all the oils that are available for hydrating skin and hair. However, it has a lot of versatility. In addition to its uses in aromatherapy and as a food seasoning, rosemary oil for hair also has a number of advantages for repairing damage. Leave it to Instagram and TikTok to further exaggerate its magnificence by asserting that the oil might encourage hair growth. Is it real, though? For information on the use of rosemary oil for hair, we turned to the professionals. Priorities come first. Rosemary oil, which is a Mediterranean native, is “a pale liquid oil from the rosemary plant with a herbal aroma.” It is frequently used as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antimicrobial ingredient in perfumes, skincare, and haircare products. As a result, it promotes the growth of nerves and enhances blood circulation. The follicles would not receive the nutrients necessary to grow hair and might even perish without a healthy blood supply, which is why blood circulation is so crucial to hair growth. One study specifically compared [rosemary oil] to minoxidil (also known as Rogaine off-the-shelf), and it found that results after six months were comparable. Most people who took rosemary oil reported having fewer itching scalps. Because it’s antimicrobial, it might make flakes on the scalp less common. However, not every person’s hair will magically grow to be Rapunzel-length after using rosemary oil because it depends on how they react to it. In addition, if you want longer hair, be prepared to wait.

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