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how to use sugar as hair removal

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You’ll need to make the paste first before we can show you how to sweeten. Our sugaring recipe is easy to create using things you probably already have at home and only costs a few dollars. It’s also completely natural.
After you’ve created the dish, let it cool to room temperature before attempting to remove the hair. We don’t want anyone to become a victim of the fire. To prevent the sugar paste from sliding off the skin, it must be washed of lotions and oils. Use a pre-wax skin cleanser with a cotton ball or square to protect skin from irritation and break-outs caused by hair removal. It contains anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory substances to help protect skin from irritation and break-outs caused by hair removal. Apply a thin dusting of baby powder, cornstarch, or waxing powder to the skin before sugaring at home. Remember that more isn’t always better. Using too much powder would make it difficult to remove the hair. Powder acts as a buffer, allowing the paste to better grab the hair and adhere to the skin.
You can use the sugaring paste when it is still warm if you made it the same day and waited for it to cool. You can soften it up a little if it’s been stored. Microwave it on high for five seconds at a time until it’s soft and spreadable without too much effort.

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