How well do you know your home town

Anyone can attempt comedy, but becoming a professional requires persistence, dedication, and—let’s not forget—a consistent capacity for amusing others. This article offers helpful advice on how to become a comedian. It begins with pointers on how to develop your comedic style and stage persona, moves on to advice on how to create funny jokes, and concludes with tips on how to land comedy gigs. You might be able to make a career out of telling jokes with a little luck and a lot of laughter. Giving the opposite response to yes/no questions is the simplest way to appear humorous, even if you are not. Yes, it really is that easy. When people expect you to say yes, you respond with a no; when they expect you to respond with a no, you respond with a yes. The better, the more obvious. Let’s examine why this functions: This video was shot shortly after Jennifer gained notoriety for her role in The Hunger Games. Remember that she was only a young 20 years old at the time. Given all of these aspects, a resounding “No” is the logical and anticipated response to the question “Are you used to it (all the attention and publicity)?” I wager that 99 out of 100 people would have responded “NO!” to Ellen’s query. It’s overwhelming/amazing/crazy,” they say while stuttering and letting their modesty take over as they go on and on about how lucky they are and who they want to thank. You anticipated Jennifer Lawrence’s response to be “No.” Therefore, when she didn’t, it was amusing.

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