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How will a relationship survive a lie

Almost everyone lies from time to time, and lying for the sake of consideration can even help you safeguard someone else’s feelings or maintain relationship stability. Excessive or harmful lying, on the other hand, might irrevocably ruin your marriage. It’s not easy to spot a falsehood. Your own suspicions can obstruct your quest for the truth. Learn how to tell if you’re being lied to and what to do if you suspect your spouse is lying to you. There are a variety of reasons why people choose to lie. Their motives for lying could be well-intentioned and innocent, or they could be malicious attempts to inflict misery. While knowing some of the common indications of lying can be useful, it’s also easy to misinterpret such behaviors. In fact, one study indicated that in a lab setting, people could only accurately detect lying 54% of the time. So, while you may suspect someone is lying, proving it can be tough.
It’s not always as simple as noting strange body language or behavior to detect a falsehood. Nervousness, preoccupation, or a lack of eye contact can all be mistaken for lying. If you rely entirely on common indicators of lying, you may misread or mislabel your spouse’s actions. Lying nonverbal cues can be difficult to detect and differ from person to person.

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