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Hundreds of birds mysteriously falling from the sky

A weird video of birds literally dropping dead and descending from the sky has gone viral in northern Mexico. The eerie video resembles a sequence from Alfred Hitchcock’s horror film “The Birds.” A security camera in Chihuahua, some 230 miles south of El Paso, Texas, acquired video footage of a big flock of yellow-headed blackbirds falling from the sky and crashing into the pavement en masse, according to NBC News. While many of the birds flew back up in a matter of seconds, many more were left as dead bodies on the ground.

Last week, local media published the frightening video; at the time, local authorities were unable to pinpoint a cause for the birds’ unexpected deaths. Because the footage does not show a suspected collision, the cause of the mass avian fatality is unknown. Scientists, on the other hand, have a couple of theories. The first, and most widely accepted, theory is that the birds were fleeing from a predator. “This appears to be a raptor, such as a peregrine or hawk, hunting a flock of murmurating starlings, and they have collided as the flock has been forced low,” Broughton added. “At first, they act like a wave, as though flushed from above,” says the author, referring to a falcon, hawk, or owl.

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