I almost gave up when she got sick

The unrelenting, howling winds of a divorce culture have uprooted the family tree, and at least two generations of males with it. With our high divorce rates and a growing number of births to single mothers, the number of children living in a single-parent household in the United States has more than doubled since 1978. The innocent victims of this roaring tempest are children. The basic line is that Dad is missing in far too many homes nowadays. The fatherless household, is “a social invention of the most daring and untested design.” It is a profound divergence from almost everything of human history and experience.” My son returned home one weekend from his university a huge southern institution not exactly recognised for being a hotbed of liberal thought and told me that he had learned in class that there were five sexes: male, female, homosexual male, homosexual female, and transgender. It’s no surprise that young men are perplexed, and young women are left wondering where the genuine men are! Consider what it must be like for today’s young males. Media outlets and educational elites criticise conventional male roles, claiming that a man who tries to be a family leader is actually enslaving his wife and children. Sexuality pervades our culture, and youngsters are exposed to explicit messages and skewed images.

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