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Broken family ties can feel insurmountable to fix, whether a recent event or a lengthy history of issues are to blame. The good news is that there are actions you can do to help yourself heal if you really want to. You must first assess your readiness for reconciliation with yourself before attempting it with your family. Don’t push it if your mental state prevents you from feeling like you can continue. Too soon attempts to compel something will frequently result in failure and disappointment. Don’t berate yourself if after completing this exercise you determine that you are not prepared. Simply decide to put it on hold for a bit and check back in. You lose your inner serenity when you hold onto your resentments and wrath. Whether the person who offended you has apologized or not, make the decision to move on. The first step to recovery is forgiveness, and once you’ve done that, you can offer yourself the gift of pleasure. Whether we mean it or not, our mental state frequently affects how things turn out. A positive outlook is crucial while trying to reconnect. The easiest method to avoid becoming frustrated or disappointed is to have a positive outlook with few expectations. This also relieves the burden on the person you’re attempting to reconnect with. Keep in mind that the person you are reaching out to might also require some time to determine whether they are prepared to proceed. Consider writing a letter, sending a private message on social media, or just striking up a conversation at your next family event. This enables both of you to relax into conversations without sensations of obligation or pressure. Some people can atone by deciding to forget the past.

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