I always love my childhood that is why I make such videos

The nation’s film sector is prospering despite challenges but hasn’t yet realized its full potential. Ethiopia’s once-vibrant live theater industry only produced a very small number of notable stage performers. Amharic is now being utilized in Ethiopian films as they grow more contemporary in the 2000s, but their development has been hampered by copyright violations and piracy brought on by extensive home video and DVD distribution. Due to the government’s involvement and the passage of policies, this decreased in the early 2010s. Ethiopian film production has remained crude and inferior despite recent improvements, in contrast to foreign premieres. Before the 1990s, foreign box office grossers were unheard of. Some of the most well-known individuals who have contributed to the international success of Ethiopian films include Haile Gerima, Salem Mekuria, Yemane Demissie, and Teshome Gabriel. There are no all-night dance parties at Ethiopian dance clubs or bright neon lights in massive malls during Ethiopian holidays. None of this mentions the “special TV shows,” the majority of which cause heart failure in its early stages. Even those who don’t appear to be laughing about it aren’t posting “Cheerful occasion” messages, which is true of the majority of famous people.

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