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I always try to protect her

You can’t achieve your goals by love alone. Love isn’t enough in a long-term relationship. Marriage puts us to the test in terms of our emotional stamina as well as other areas of our lives. Many relationships, especially those based on love, are plagued by persistent conflict and frequently end in divorce because many of us were never taught these skills. Marriage needs the development of a wide range of emotional and life skills. Make a mental inventory of your strengths and weaknesses as you move through the list. If I want to improve, who should I pay the most attention to? Of the two, which one do you think I’ll have the most trouble with? Anything that I’m overlooking, do you think? how well you are able to express your feelings at any given moment. being able to express oneself concisely. Emotional control permits you to express your feelings without putting yourself or others in risk. The ability to find and use resources as necessary to regulate your mood. The ability to deal with your partner’s occasional disconnects ability to be alone for long periods of time without being disturbed by others, technology, or any other form of external stimulation that might keep you awake at night. want to make decisions that promote good health while also being conscious of one’s own biological requirements. When you can’t physically help a loved one, but you still want to be there for them emotionally, you feel compassion.

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