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Each instance of infidelity is unique and serves a distinct purpose. Although knowing why a partner cheated won’t make the pain go away, being able to rationalize and define the action will help to clarify things. It can also help you feel more secure about how to proceed from the circumstance, whether that means fighting to repair your relationship or moving on if you decide to separate. When a person is in love and attached to their relationship, but has a sexual desire for someone else, this is known as opportunistic adultery. Typically, circumstantial conditions or opportunities, risk-taking behavior, and alcohol or drug usage drive this form of cheating. The more in love a person is with their lover, the more guilt they will feel as a result of their sexual contact after it has occurred. Guilty sentiments, on the other hand, tend to dissipate when the dread of being detected fades. This sort of infidelity is motivated by the fear of being rejected if you refuse someone’s sexual advances. People may have sexual desire, affection, and attachment for their partners, yet they nevertheless betray because they have a tremendous need for acceptance. Furthermore, their need for acceptance can lead individuals to act in ways that contradict their other emotions. To put it another way, some people cheat because they have no choice.

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