“I am a changed man” tiktoker Gash Bire

Humans are designed to continue expanding. In actuality, nothing that lives on Earth is intended to stop developing. As we all reach for the sun, we are all alive. Reinvention is the key to progress in life. I’ll start off by clarifying that reinvention is not the same as relentlessly seeking success or reward. There is a distinction. The pursuit of an objective typically has a “end” in mind. Once you receive the prize, you are “done.” That’s not what you want to aim for since the moment you declare that you are “done,” you stop challenging yourself and progressing. However, reinvention leaves the door open, which is beneficial. You have countless opportunity to keep discovering new aspects of yourself thanks to reinvention. Exploration is growth, and in this context, growth is internal rather than external. Consider yourself a sculptor. A stone block being examined by a sculptor who is constantly considering different ways to form it. Additionally, there are no emotional ties if he or she decides to modify something. Just like they do. You must consider yourself to be a work of art that is constantly evolving. When you see something you don’t like, there’s no need to get upset or be hard on yourself. Instead, just start working like an artist.

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