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It’s crucial to know how to have a good time with your pals. They are the people you can confide in and with whom you may discuss your hopes, anxieties, and dreams. They will also be your biggest supporters and will stand by you even if your ideas are utterly absurd. Your friends will make you laugh, cry, and occasionally make you mad, but you will always forgive them. Of course, having friends is one of the best things because it gives you someone to have fun with. But occasionally, you find yourself repeatedly engaging in the same things. You go out for coffee, a movie, or a drink with your friends. Or you might simply lounge around and ponder your phone. Even though it might seem obvious, having fun with friends is something that is easily forgotten. You visit each other’s homes and play video games or browse social media rather than making plans and trying something new. Even though sticking to the same routine may be convenient and comfortable, making plans and stepping outside of your comfort zone will bring you closer. If you hardly look up from your screens, how can you possibly get to know one another or be there for one another? A lot more than repeating the same activities, trying new things, learning something new, and simply making sure you’re having fun together will bring you closer and satisfy your social needs.

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