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No matter where you are in your schooling, succeeding in school can be challenging. By encouraging good study habits and maintaining organisation of your time and supplies, you can succeed in school. Taking care of oneself is essential if you want to feel your best and have all the energy you require. Not only does taking notes help you recall what you hear or read, but it also keeps your brain active and allows you to fully process what you have learned. Write down important passages from the text or develop a list of any questions you have while you read if your instructor permits you to take notes during class. Writing down your notes is faster and easier than typing them. Ask your teacher questions; it’s their responsibility to ensure that you learn and comprehend. Asking questions can not only improve your understanding of the subject matter, but it will also demonstrate to your teachers that you are interested and involved. Try approaching your teacher after class or sending them an email if you’re too nervous to raise your hand and ask a question in front of the class. If you’re a student in college or university, your instructor might offer office hours during which you can speak with them privately and ask them questions about the subject matter. Although it may seem fairly clear, it is possible to become overwhelmed and lose sight of all the tasks you need to complete. Be sure to finish the reading you were given and keep up with.

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