I am a strong woman and a great mom

A strong mother isn’t just strong for herself. She makes you stronger, even stronger than she is. They do not teach you the things that society teaches you. They educate you to be yourself and go after your dreams. You would not be where you are today without them. A strong mother is open and honest. She instills in her children the same values. Communication is appreciated and required in order for her message to be delivered. When you grow up with a strong mother, you utilise your words and are in touch with your emotions and feelings. You do not simply memorise what you read or learn; you consider it and make your own judgement. A strong mother understands the value of education. Without it, we’ll be like a blank sheet of paper with nothing to contribute. And strong mothers understand that education is more than just attending an expensive school or getting good grades; it is about paying attention, asking questions, reading, and expressing oneself via great literacy. She teaches you to be your own rival. Your mother has demonstrated to you that if you work hard and do your best, the outcomes will be rewarding. You keep going no matter how many times you confront difficulties and difficulty. Your greatest rival is yourself, and a strong mother wants you to be self-sufficient above all else.

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