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I am alive because of you…I don’t have enough words to thank you

By reducing stress and boosting the body’s production of feel-good hormones like dopamine, oxytocin, and serotonin when we act kind toward others or ourselves, we can experience beneficial mental and physical improvements. Being nice improves the immune system, lowers blood pressure, and eases worry and stress. It’s wonderful that being kind isn’t challenging. Be as kind as you can, the Dalai Lama advised. There is always a chance. It’s not necessary to act in a significant or life-changing way in order to be kind to others. The most powerful deeds of generosity are frequently the tiniest ones. A simple “I see you” grin, a word of quiet encouragement, a helping hand with a heavy burden, or a supportive moment during a time of need can go a long way. Whatever the deed itself, it will be supported by the following four ideas: Awareness: We need to be conscious of the chance to show kindness. If we are totally preoccupied with our ideas, our own world, or our online alter egos, we won’t be able to see the need. Non-judgment: If we want to be truly kind, we must be willing to put our own opinions on hold. It’s not our place to determine whether another person’s circumstances are good or bad, right or wrong. The only thing left is for us to realize there is a chance for us to be kind. We must take action by being kind, kind, and considerate to the individual in front of us. Kindness cannot exist in awareness alone. Kindness is an action that should be given freely and without expecting payment. Instead of any compensation or praise from the outside, the true prize for compassion is found within.

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