I am crazy in love….what shall I do

You are aware of the emotions you experience when you first start to like someone. You constantly think about them, get butterflies, and want to talk to or text them. When you first start crushing hard, the emotions can be very strong and there is often an excitement that is hard to put into words; in fact, it feels quite a bit like when you are actually falling in love. Because of this, it may be difficult to tell the difference between a crush and other types of love, such as infatuation or platonic love. Things are easier to understand when it comes to platonic love. “Platonic love involves a deep caring for the other person, but it is devoid of the intrusiveness of thinking about them, future planning with them, possibly feeling jealous, and having a strong attraction and sexual desire for the other person,” says one author. With your close friends, relatives, or anyone else, you can develop platonic relationships. When attempting to distinguish between romantic love and a crush, things might get trickier. During the early stages of a relationship, there are a lot of chemical and hormonal interactions taking place between our bodies and brains. Time and compatibility are two considerations, she adds. We can actually see whether our feelings are stronger or have diminished as we get to know someone and some of the intensity wanes because these chemicals cannot be sustained at the same intensity over time. “We might be attracted to someone sexually, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they share our values and meet our needs for a fulfilling, long-term relationship. Although superficial crushes are possible, we tend to fall more deeply in love with people who share our values and goals for a relationship.

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