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I am doing everything I can for my son

Both couple time and solo time are crucial. Everyone needs downtime to rest, reflect, and engage in hobbies. When you’re married, especially if you have children, that time is frequently lost. Whatever it is that you find enriching, do it. Go out with friends. Take a class. Volunteer. You’ll value each other even more once you and your spouse are back together. Even though you won’t always agree, it’s crucial to treat each other fairly and with respect when you disagree. Pay attention to your spouse’s perspective. Don’t let yourself become overly frustrated or enraged. If you need to take a break and collect yourself, do so. Then, when you both feel more composed, bring up the issue once more. Deal with issues amicably so that you can both contribute a little. According to John Gottman, Ph.D., a marriage is seriously threatened by criticism, scorn, becoming defensive, and stonewalling. The likelihood of a couple divorcing increases as they participate in more of these damaging behaviors. His decades of study and work with couples have demonstrated that partners who remain together understand how to disagree amicably and accept responsibility for their actions. Additionally, they are more inclined to act promptly when one another requests reconciliation following disagreements and relationship restoration. Everyone errs occasionally. You might feel hurt or upset by your spouse’s actions, which could make you irritated or even enraged. But it’s crucial to address your emotions, let them go, and continue on. Don’t continually bring up the past. Never forget to honor your commitments to your partner, your family, and the life you have created together. Encourage one another on a daily basis and emotionally. Although you, your spouse, and your relationship may develop over time and change, following suggestions can help your marriage endure.

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