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Laughter stimulates blood flow and enhances blood vessel function, which can help prevent heart attacks and other cardiovascular issues. Laughter helps you lose weight. Okay, so it won’t replace working out at the gym, but according to one study, laughing for 10 to 15 minutes each day can help you burn off about 40 calories, which might help you lose three to four pounds in a year. Laughter eases the burden of wrath. Nothing eases tension and a disagreement more quickly than a good chuckle. Putting things in perspective by finding the humor in them will help you move past conflicts without harboring resentment or animosity. You might even live longer if you laugh more. According to a Norwegian study, persons with a sharp sense of humor live longer than those who don’t laugh as much. For individuals who were coping with cancer, the distinction was more noticeable. You feel better when you laugh. And even when the laughter stops, you continue to feel good. Through challenging circumstances, setbacks, and loss, humor helps you maintain a bright, upbeat view. Laughter provides you the bravery and strength to look for new meanings and sources of optimism, providing more than simply a reprieve from misery and pain. Even in the most trying of circumstances, a grin or even just a simple laugh can do wonders for your mood. The very act of hearing someone else laugh primes your brain, causing you to smile and join in the enjoyment.

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