I am going to spill the tea on women

People have been discussing the distinctions between men and women for centuries, from childhood songs to contemporary literature to psychology textbooks. We’re fascinated with figuring out what makes us distinctly “man” or “woman.” We don’t need you to repair anything; we just need you to listen. As a Marriage Therapist, there is no concept I’ve had to explain more than this one. “Sounds like you’ve had a really difficult day,” goes a lot further than “Here’s what you should do to make it better.” Women simply want to be validated, encouraged, and heard…unless there’s a nail in our head. We value the little things. You don’t have to go big or go home when it comes to impressing us, believe it or not. This applies to everything, since what we actually want is thinking. Kind words, meaningful touches, and modest acts of service- your love is best expressed in the details. When my husband enters through the door with a gorgeous flower he gathered along the way, it warms my heart more than a dozen roses ever could–because he thinks of me in the most unexpected of circumstances. The smallest details can often say the most. Please don’t misinterpret our tears for weakness. John had to get used to my crying early in our dating relationship and marriage.

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