I am grateful beyond words can express

In actuality, males are far more likely to fall in love with women for whom they experience lust, infatuation, affection, and attachment. However, these emotions by themselves may not always imply the presence of love. Only when a man consciously, intentionally, and purposefully decides to put effort into his investment in you, decides to contribute to your well-being, accept you into his tribe, and offers you safety and security up to and including assisting you in surviving and thriving within the framework of your shared partnership infrastructure will there be love. This is the kind of love that you should truly search for. Furthermore, it never occurs by mistake. Whether you refer to it as effort or energy, a man who is genuinely interested in you will invest it in you. He will view the time and effort you put in as an investment in his future if he envisions a future with you. If not, he will only make short-term investments when they are practical and likely to yield a quick profit. Therefore, it’s a pretty good indication that he views dating as a wise investment in his future if he spends a little bit more time with you than is necessary to satisfy the standards for dating. Because he probably thinks of you as a wonderful complement to the future as he looks ahead.

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