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I am grateful for the trust you had in me

When you tell your child that you enjoy what they’re doing or how they’re acting, you’re giving them praise. Praise builds your child’s self-esteem and confidence.
You’re teaching your youngster how to think and speak favorably about themselves by utilizing praise. You’re assisting your child in learning to recognize and appreciate their accomplishments. Children of various ages can be praised for various accomplishments. A younger youngster can be praised for sharing or leaving the park when asked. You can congratulate an adolescent for being home on time or starting schoolwork without being reminded. When you give your child descriptive praise, you tell them exactly what you enjoy. ‘I admire how you’ve organized things in your room,’ for example. This enables your child to comprehend exactly what they’ve accomplished. It’s also more sincere than general compliments such as ‘You’re a good boy.’ Encouragement is praise for effort, such as “You worked really hard on that math homework, and it turned out well.” Praise for effort can drive and inspire your youngster to work harder in the future. Encouragement can even be used before your child achieves anything. ‘Show me how well you can put your toys away,’ for example, or ‘I understand you’re scared about the test, but you’ve studied diligently.’ Whatever happens, you’ve given it your all.’ Some kids, particularly those who are less self-assured, require more support than others. Children are more likely to consider trying hard as a good thing in and of itself when praise is focused on effort. They’re also more inclined to persevere and remain hopeful in the face of adversity. A reward is given as a result of good behavior. It’s a method of saying “Properly done” to your child when he or she has done something nice or behaved well. It could be a gift, a surprise, or an additional benefit. You could, for example, let your child choose what to eat for dinner as a reward for keeping their room tidy.

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