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I am hoping the mother of my children to return to me

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When it comes to helping our children with harmful conduct, we as parents are frequently at a lost. When it comes to children with attachment issues, punishment, consequences, time outs, and lectures frequently have little effect. More importantly, these methods have the potential to generate isolation and hostility in relationships while doing little to change behavior. Experts in peace education and peacebuilding have provided the following resources. Spouses, parents and children, and warring nations can all benefit from the same tools.
Reconciliation is the process of repairing a relationship after a mistake or an injury has occurred. It’s a process that takes place between two or more people, or between groups of people. The individual who has been wronged must admit the wrongdoing. This will necessitate parental help until everyone is proficient in this skill. The individual who has been harmed may need to be encouraged to express how he or she feels and how the hurt has affected him or her. The person who caused the harm must accept responsibility without making any excuses. The individual who has been harmed must accept responsibility for their actions with a sincere comprehension of the harm they have caused. Again, this will necessitate parental guidance and support.
The one who has been wronged must next apologize and seek forgiveness from the person who has been wronged. This, too, must be heartfelt and stem from a recognition and acceptance of the consequences of their actions on others.

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