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I am more than happy and I forgot my pain

The phrase “cure” refers to the patient no longer having that particular condition after receiving medical treatment.
Some diseases are treatable. Others, such as hepatitis B, are incurable. Although the person will always have the disease, medical treatments can assist manage it.
Medicine, therapy, surgery, and other treatments are used by medical practitioners to assist alleviate the symptoms and effects of an illness. These therapies are sometimes cures, meaning they eliminate the condition. Antifungal lotions, powders, and sprays, for example, are used to treat athlete’s foot by killing the fungus that causes the disease.

Doctors frequently utilize medications to help control diseases that cannot be cured. One type of diabetes occurs when the pancreas does not produce enough insulin to transport glucose to the cells where it is needed. Doctors use insulin injections and other treatments to treat diabetics so that patients can live normal lives. However, there is currently no cure for diabetes. As a result, some people will require insulin therapy for the rest of their lives.

The good news is that medical advances are continually being made by researchers. As a result, an illness that can currently be treated but not cured may be cured in the future.

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