I am my wife’s number fan…She is very strong

Who do you like to talk to most when you have good news, a quiet moment, a funny story, a sigh of frustration, or something silly from the commute to work? We frequently use various people for various purposes. We participate in a variety of relationships every day. Loving relationships support us, define us, and keep us healthy, whether it be planning our day with our spouse and kids, working together with coworkers, or simply saying hello to our favorite grocery cashier. People who are in philia-based, loving relationships see their doctors less frequently, stay in the hospital for fewer days, experience less pain, and feel happier overall. She continued by saying that caring friendships help us cope with adversity. Feeling good about a relationship is one thing, but is that relationship actually beneficial to our health? According to studies, people who are in healthy relationships live longer. When people are married, especially men, they live longer and in better health. Experts attribute this phenomenon to factors like lower stress levels and the fact that partners in romantic relationships frequently give up unhealthy behaviors like heavy drinking or smoking in favor of the union. Healthy lifestyle choices lengthen life. A positive relationship’s sense of safety and security can make your heart skip a beat, but it also reduces anxiety and lowers blood pressure. We are aware that unexpectedly negative emotions may cause “broken heart syndrome,” which is a set of symptoms that resemble a heart attack. It makes sense that the reverse is also true. Additionally, those who are in love are more at ease and inclined to partake in heart-healthy activities like exercise.

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