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An antique Amharic poetry that was maybe written as early as the middle of the seventeenth century is published here together with a translation and linguistic and philological commentary. The published poem “Märgämä kbr” (“Condemnation of Glory”) differs from earlier works of the same name in Old Amharic poetry in its subject matter (but not wholly independent from one another). The primary themes and ideas in these poems are death, God’s wrath, and the significance of leading a moral life in a fleeting world. Early Amharic writing of the Märgämä kbr type is regarded as an unique genre since it is based on oral tradition and is targeted to the Christian community. Even though there are now more texts than ever before describing the early stages of Amharic’s growth and its early literary masterpieces, we are continually gathering data, thus any new text in an earlier version of the language is significant, valuable, and has the potential to alter current beliefs.

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